Friday, May 23, 2008

Systems Loss

We've been hearing this phrase "systems loss" for several weeks now. It's suppose to mean loss through pilferage or in simpler terms, stolen. Meralco has been under fire from all sectors because it passes on their "systems losses" to their consumers. Because of their ineptitude, we are the ones who end up paying. We are being forced to pay for their failure and and supposed mismanagement. While Gloria's pack headed by GSIS president Winston Garcia is clawing at the heels of the Lopezes, it's high time we make Gloria's administration accountable for their own "systems loss" the we the people are paying for.

Corruption has been institutionalized under Gloria's watch. We are now the 8th most corrupt country in the world. Because this administration has been mismanaging the country, we are the ones paying the price. Loans and aids continue to be misused. Bribery and kickbacks rampant and GMA and her gang continue to make fools of us. With almost all institutions under her control, we are helpless against their onslaught. Just like Meralco, they have turned our country into a monopoly wherein we have no other choice but to take what they dish out.

Systems loss is when we are heavily taxed not because the government is trying to increase social services but because we need to pay our ballooning debt. Systems loss is when small importers pay more because smugglers pay less. Systems loss is when Gloria needs to bribe the lower house and she distributes loot bags full of money buy the loyalty of our local officials. Systems loss is when we have to pay for her junkets and trips that amount to nothing. Systems loss is when we spend millions of dollars for embassies which do not look after the welfare of our migrant workers. Systems loss is when politicians use their pork barrels for their personal gains and promotion. Systems loss is when we have to pay for overpriced projects which are substandard. Systems loss is when government pushes for projects we don't really need.

I am very sure there are more systems loss being charged to us by this corrupt and inept administration. Hidden under the rug are billions of unexplained expenditures which this administration has yet to account for. It is Gloria's politicking that is destroying this country. Because she needs to make her allies happy and loyal, we have to bear the brunt of their systems loss. Meralco maybe abusing us but we should not be blinded by Gloria's populist rhetorics. GMA and her gang should refund to us the systems loss of this administration.