Monday, May 26, 2008

Populist Rhetorics

Tell the people what they want to hear, and for sure they would listen. This is what GMA is doing now. Her motive of course is to appease the people who has been pummeled by the rising cost of living. If she is to survive until 2010, she has no other option but to do what is popular than what is right. This also diverts the people's attention from the systemic raping of the country by her gang. Of course this is nothing new to Gloria, she has mastered the art of lying.

Diverting attention has been her forte and she has managed to stave off threats over the years. With the crises engulfing us hitting where it really hurts, people tend to get restless and the crimes of her administrations becomes more evident. When the rice crisis erupted, she went around handing out bags of rice. When high energy cost started hurting us, she sent marching orders to Winston Garcia. But of course she will never admit that her EVAT is causing us more harm than good. Her indiscriminate borrowing is the root cause of our problems. Add the corruption that has been institutionalized during her administration, then you have the perfect recipe for an incurable disease.

I expect Gloria to go after companies that the people perceive to be the causes of our hard lives. I suppose she would go after the oil companies next and then the water utilities after. Glaring as it is, she never touched NAPOCOR, ERC, TRANSCO or the really big smugglers in our ports. She never even bothered to investigate the price-fixing allegations in the power sector. She closes her eyes to the fact that she has mismanaged the country's economic affairs. She has entered into agreements detrimental to the country and to the people. She undertook and wasted so much resources on projects we don't really need.

Legacy is about concrete results and about inspiring people. It is not about rhetorics, political gimmickry and lies. Legacy is something you leave behind so that people may realize their dreams. The only dreams she had realized are those of the greedy and power hungry. She has left more people destitute and hungry while those close to her devour what little we have left. We need reforms and accountability. She has not delivered anything during her 7-year reign. The country had sunk deeper and is on the verge of collapse. Life could not have been worse and the hardest hit are the very pillars of society, the families.

With life getting worse, families are torn apart with parents and children separated due to economic woes. Dole outs do not help at all, what we need are opportunities that would offer the people more. We do not need words that slowly caresses us to death. Instead of strengthening the country, GMA is slowly selling us off piece by piece. Her eyes widen at the prospect of how much she and her gang will be dividing.

We are all alone. Our leaders have deserted us. Words are the only things we have in our pockets and hope is what is left in our hearts. We will be inheriting the devastation Gloria has left. She and her family will be living comfortably while we enslave ourselves to pay off her debts. We are collateral damage to her corrupt practices and will have to try survive her holocaust. Rhetorical speeches, that's about the only thing is she good at.

She now walks on very thin ice, one wrong move and she will be ousted. She should thank the people's patience. If we had been a different race, she would have been kicked out a long time ago. Borrowing the words of Joey Salceda, "she is one lucky bitch."