Thursday, March 07, 2013

Get Real

Let's call a spade a spade. Recently, the archdiocese of Bacolod came out with posters of Team Buhay (anti-RH) and Team Patay (pro RH) senatorial bets. These posters are clearly a form of campaigning. The posters are endorsing voting for and not voting for certain candidates. The CBCP claims they are exercising their right of expression. Come on, let's get real, after all, lying is a sin. It's so obvious that you are not expressing your sentiments but endorsing candidates.

The Comelec has requested the church to re-size the posters to what is allowed in the election code. They sought relief from the Supreme Court citing the right to freedom of expression. The SC issued a TRO which to me is quite perplexing. It doesn't take a genius to differentiate a campaign material from that of an expression. Is the Catholic church above the law? If the justices are not swayed by their faith, I am very sure that they will tell the church to follow the law on campaign materials.

The moral lesson here is that lying is acceptable if it's for the church. What a way to teach us about values. Will you please get real? You've been lying long enough and getting away with it. Mahiya naman kayo!