Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Domino Effect

Anti-RH Bill devotees are now calling for civil disobedience. Politic ans like Tito Sott, Roilo Golez and Joey Lina have even thrown in their voices in the debate. Let's dissect these issues one by one. The anti-RH fanatics are saying that they will not pay their taxes and risk facing sedition charges. Fine with e, it's their choice. What really grabs me is how some men of the cloth are saying they too are prepared to be jailed.

First, the church does not pay taxes, they are exempted from taxing. This only means that the billions they collect during mass and other services go directly to the church's coffers depriving the government additional revenue to spend for social services. Unless they pick up arms, they're immune from anything. Have you heard of a priest being jailed for molestation or rape? How about priests who use the church's money for their private pleasures.

Secondly, what we do in the confines of our bedrooms is none of your business. Whatever means we see fit to plan our family is our own choice. I am accountable for any choices I make in life and will face my Creator for my judgement. It is how you lived your life that will matter most. Who knows, I may even be more charitable than most of you? I can face my creator with a clean conscience anytime.

Thirdly, overpopulation creates a domino efect of sorts. Too many people leads to hunger because agriculture cannot keep pace with rapid population growth. This also leads to unemployment as we need to keep creating jobs. That is also the reason why we have a shortage of classrooms to accommodate students. Unless of course those who want us to be live like rabbits would create more businesses for jobs, turn their lands into farms for food production and build more schools, then by all means let's throw the RH Bill into the trash bin.

Tito Sotto should show proof of his allegations. We all know that some local execs are against family planning. Why then should be given funds for a program they do implement? He should substantiate his allegations with credible proof instead of listening to local officials without listening to the what the concerned agency have to say before going to the media. He should have investigated the matter thoroughly than simply wasting taxpayers, money on a witch hunt.

Thanks to the Lina Law, we have millions trooping to the cities. They then turn private properties into havens. Without assured employment, these people become slum-dwellers. Urbanization Mr. Lina is not a measurement forprogress. Without food security, urban areas will starve. This is the reason why an agricultural like the Philippines has high incidents of hunger. It is stupid to say that we should urbanize the entire country. Do you want us to import all our foods to feed our people? What then do we do with our farmlands, turn them into resettlement sites or sell them to unscrupulous real estate developers. Would friends from the CBCP donate their lands for resettlement?

Golez shoudl study more closely his claim that the more people we have, the more productive our country will be. Perhaps he should go to the slums of India and China to get the real score. Yes, despite the growth of these nations, they have many who live in poverty. I suggest you watch Discovery or National Geographic. We simply cannot produce food or jobs at the same pace our population is growing. Having no grasp on what the reality on the ground leads tomisinformation and disinformation.

We must face the problem head on. We cannot play around with the issue of overpopulation. When God ordered us to "Go and multiply", the world was in its infancy. It was sparsely populated. With population growth comes increased demand. If we cannot meet those demands, poverty is the result. Poverty drains government funds which deprives a country not only of progress but of decency and dignity as well.


cagayan de oro jobs said...

RH bill has been an issue for months and months now. I agree with some of your points but I also must say that some of your words are too sarcastic that I refuse to believe them all. Anyway, before it is implemented why don't they present the total content(and I mean word for word) of that bill through the media. We hear different stories from different sides and it's so hard to decide which side to stand with because we are all citizens of this country as well as we are all children of the Church. On the other hand, I think there is no harm if we listen to the Church. If it seem we violate the law of God, it's the Church's duty to stop us even the government so as the lawmakers in stopping offenders from violating the law of man.

Prudence said...

It wouldn't hurt to listen to the Church, if everyone in the country belongs to that Church. Otherwise, reasons for the passage or rejection of the bill should REMAIN secular.

It is in the constitution that the government shall not give preference to any particular religion in matters relating to the state and its laws.

Com said...

Thanks for sharing this, i have to say that You have put some though in writing this post. Keep it up!