Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Merger

So now it's official, Kampi and Lakas has decided to tie the knot. They now have completed the creation of a monster. Is this a sign that elections will push through? The answer is yes! But what kind of elections will we have come May next year? With the cha-cha train still tugging along, no one can be sure if the elections will be for a new president or for a parliament.

Gloria and her allies are not about to raise their hands in surrender. With the time running out even for the Comelec, things seem to be falling in Gloria's favor. So what if the youth is trying to make a stand, at the end of the day, if we don't unite in protest, Gloria will simply sweep us aside. I also don't believe in Ronaldo Puno's assertion that his bid for the vice presidency is a sign of the forthcoming elections. We all know how he operates. You can ask Miriam Santiago.

Puno is the epitome of the political operator. He can make presidents out of monkeys. His entry into the fray is a sign that elections (if there will be) is sure to be dirty and dishonest. Or it can be a ploy to take us offtrack and destroy our focus. The cha-cha resolution is to be debated, despite Luis Villafuerte's claims, I will not convinced until the campaign period starts. The way things are right now, everything is still up in the air.

The merger of the two parties is not an assurance that elections are coming. It may also be a fallback in case Gloria and her minions are unsuccessful with their cha-cha bid. Kind of reminds me of the KBL and how it gave us more than a decade of hell. In the present state of Philippine politics and society, Gloria may do as she pleases. Unless the people think criminal like she does, we might just wake up with a dictator more ruthless than Marcos.