Sunday, April 19, 2009

Would You Trust These Two?

Prospero Nograles and Luis Villafuerte this week both relinquished their posts as heads of their respective parties to pave the way for the merging of Kampi and Lakas. Citing preparations for the 2010 elections, they also claim that Cha-Cha is dead. But knowing how these two operate, would you take their word as gospel truth. If you ask me, I'd rather trust a snake than these two.

How many times have these two said anything truthful? As far as I can remember, zilch, nada, never. I'm sure they're doing the dirty work of pushing the Cha-Cha one way or another. Just to be on the safe side, Gloria has been globetrotting, most probably to try and hide her loot. She's using the plight of the starving, jobless Filipinos to spirit away her ill-gotten wealth. Perhaps she's staying away from Europe as the EU have very strict laws against dirty money.

So the cat is out of the bag, Lakas and Kampi are consolidationg their forces, perhaps to resurrect a KBL-like party should they succeed in amending the constitution. They're trying to create a monopoly of sorts to ensure that they would still enjoy the perks that come with their ass-licking loyalty to the soon-to-be illegitimate prime minister.

Look hard at these pictures and tell me with all honesty that these two have any shred of sincerity in them. Would you entrust the future of your children in faces like these? Like I said, I'm better off with the snake.